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The Missing Queen
Author: Samhita Arni

Publisher: Viking
ISBN: 9789381017647
Pages: 192
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It has been ten years since Rams return from fallen Lanka. Ayodhya is shining. Ayodhya is prosperous. But darkness lurks at the heart of the victorious regime. A pointed question piques a young journalists curiosity: What happened to Sita? Where is Rams absent wife whose abduction triggered the war with Lanka?

And so begins the journalists search for the missing queen. Soon her investigation attracts the notice of Ayodhyas all-powerful secret police and its mysterious head, the Washerman. Forced to flee Ayodhya, the journalist makes her way through a war-devastated Lanka in search of answers.

In this stylish speculative thriller, Samhita Arni skilfully combines her love for mythology with riveting storytelling.