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Achin Pakhi
Author: Shaktipada Rajguru

Publisher: Dey Publisher's
Pages: 214
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Shaktipada Rajguru (Bengali: শক্তিপদ রাজগুরু) (born 1 Feb, 1922) is an Indian Bengali writer. Several of his novels have been adapted for the screen including the Ritwik Ghatak-directed Meghe Dhaka Tara and the Shakti Samanta-directed Amanush.
Shaktipada Rajguru is fond of travelling and many of his novels are set in locations such as Chota Nagpur, Maharashtra, Dandakaranya, places distant from Kolkata, where his novels are published. He is fond of describing nature in great detail and in portraying strong central characters in these locations.
This book is one his best novels on nature and human relations.
in every humans life sometime or the other the come that special person ( ACHIN PAKHI)who changes the direction ,aspects and views of your life and flies with you in this big universe together and for always
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