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Look Who's Back : A Merciless Satire
Author: Timur Vermes

Publisher: Quercus Publishing
ISBN: 9780857052933
Pages: 352
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Hitler has woken up during the summer of 2011 on a random ground. He is alive and well, but does not recognize the world around him. There is no Nazi party, nor is there any war. His sees that his beloved land is occupied by immigrants and run by a woman. Like this is not enough for Hitler, he goes on to do something that has everyone flabbergasted. He has gone on to become a YouTube star and gets his own TV show. Thus getting people to listen to him, and at the same, time trying to convince them that he really is Hitler. An extremely humorous read that will have you in awe of the Hitler who, even after waking up to an environment he does not recognize, still has his ways of being heard by the crowd.