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Strategic Brand Management
Author: Isaac Jacob

Publisher: Pearson Education Singapore Pte Ltd
ISBN: 9788131756898
Pages: 772
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The main focus of this book is the concept of brand equity. It provides us a comprehensive and in depth information about the subjects of brand, brand equity and strategic management —and provides all students with a valuable perspective, and a common denominator to interpret the potential effects and trade-offs of various strategies and tactics for their brands. By giving the students the foundation, the textbook allows for the broad exploration of a complicated subject. One of the important objectives of the book is to provide managers with concepts and techniques to improve the long term profitability of their brand strategies.

Salient Features

Depth: The material in the book had to be presented in the context of a conceptual framework that was comprehensive, internally consistent and cohesive and well grounded in the academic and practitioner literature
Breadth: The book had to cover all those topics that practicing managers and students of brand management found intriguing and/or important
Relevance: Finally, the book had to be well-grounded in practice and easily related to past and present marketing activities, events and case studies
Inclusion of new Branding Briefs and Science of Branding: New Branding Brief’s and Science of Branding Brief’s have been replaced as per the Indian context using Indian examples and companies to increase student’s learning and understanding