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Geronimo Stilton:Cavemice # 2 :Watch Your Tail!
Author: Geronimo Stilton

Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 9780545447751
Pages: 128
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In ancient Mouse Island, there lived a race of brave mice known as Rodent Sapiens. These Stone Age Cavemice had to encounter many dangers every day including Dinosaurs, meteor showers, and sabre-toothed tigers.

Geronimo has found an ancient book written on stone tablets by his ancestor Geronimo Stiltonoot. It recounts the many adventures of the Cavemice. The book begins with Geronimo Stiltonoot being surprised by a meteor shower that seems more like a meteor storm. He is disappointed with the Weathersaurus, a dinosaur who specializes in weather predictions. For, the Westhersaurus warns them just when the shower begins.

Soon, he has more serious worries. The people of Old Mouse City are falling ill, suffering from stomach pain. This disease could potentially make them extinct. Geronimo Stiltonoot is the only one left unaffected by this strange illness.

So now, it is up to him to save the others. To do this, he must find an ancient shaman recipe. The village shaman, Bluster Conjurat, gives him a map to the Cave of Memories to retrieve the old recipe that can cure the stomach ache.

Geronimo sets off and he is accompanied by his cousin Trap on the perilous journey. For, on the way, they will encounter many dangers and must escape them all and remain alive to bring back the recipe if they are to prevent the rodent race from going extinct.

Watch Your Tail! is the interesting second adventure of Geronimo Stiltonoot, the cavemouse ancestor of Geronimo Stilton. Does Stiltonoot succeed in his quest to save the Cavemice? This book answers these questions and more.