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The Finisher
Author: David Baldacci

Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9781447263005
Pages: 512
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Finisher is a young adult fantasy fiction novel. The book is about the young Vega Jane who find out about the dark secrets of her town after the day she witnesses her friend go into the woods and into the forbidden land called Quag.

Summary of the Book

14 year old Vega Jane is from the village of Wormwood where the people of the village have been told not to enter the woods, and no one ever has, as it is full of monsters. It is a village where humans are called Wugs, women are degradingly known as Females and the days are known as Lights. One day Vega realizes that her mentor has disappeared, but not before leaving her a note with a secret message. She starts to wonder what is the truth and what are lies as she realizes that the village has been built upon a lot of dark secrets. What's more is that the people of the village begin to get curious about Vega and think that she may know more than she is supposed to.