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Lonely Planet:Bhutan for the Indian Traveller
Author: Lonely Planet Editorial Board

Publisher: Lonely Planet
ISBN: 9876543707t6
Pages: 543
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About Bhutan
Bhutan for the Indian Traveller is a definitive and informative travel guide to Bhutan, exclusively customized for Indian travelers. Bhutan is a beautiful Himalayan country replete with myths and legends. Bhutan also known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon is a seat of several traditions and culture. This travel guide will enable the Indian traveler to experience the buzzing and vibrant markets, stately museums, awe-inspiring monasteries, and picture-perfect mountain vistas of Bhutan. The guide includes eleven color maps, well-planned itineraries, and a special feature on the famous treks in the country. In addition, the book also guides the readers to the most authentic Indian restaurants and is a reliable source of information for travelers. This travel guide is a must-have for those planning a trip to Bhutan.