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The Wordkeepers
Author: Jash Sen

Publisher: Duckbill
ISBN: 9789382618164
Pages: 376
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It is 2028.

Anya is an average spoilt teenager, living in Bangalore. Bilaal is a carefree village boy, in rural Andhra Pradesh ...

But their ordinary, humdrum lives hide an ancient secret, which will turn their worlds upside down and throw them into a terrifying adventure whose outcome can affect, not just their lives, but the fate of the entire universe.

And Anya and Bilaal learn that they can take nothing - and no one - for granted, for only they stand between the vengeful gods and their desire for absolute power.
The first of a trilogy, this book takes you on a breathtaking journey of fantasy and adventure, through modern cities, ancient cremation grounds, mythical planets and mystical mountains.548
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