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How The Mind Forgets And Remembers
Author: Daniel L. Schacter

Publisher: Rupa & Co
Pages: 272
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To a very great extent our memoires are our selves. a gripping and thought provoking exploration of this eternally fascinating topics. Written by one of the worlds experts, it presents startling examples from the news and everyday life and explains them using an elegant and original theory.
About Author :
Daniel L Schacter is charman of the psychology department of Harvard University, and is internationally recognised as an authority on memory. Oliver Sacks has described him as an acute and poetic observer of human nature. He has been awarded the American Psychological Associations William James Book award.
Contents :
A Blessing Bestowed by the Gods
The Sin of Transience
The Sin of Absent mindedness
the Sin of Blocking
The Sin of Misattribution
The Sin of Suggestibility
The Sin of Bias
the Sin of Persistence
The Seven Sins