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Obsession: Eternal Stories Of Life And Death : Stories of Eternal Love and Death
Author: Gurpartap Khairah,Bishwa and Stormy, Suraj Sinha

Publisher: Tara Press
ISBN: 9788183861243
Pages: 304
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Each one of us, in one way or another is obsessed whether by the intricacies of life or the finality of death. We are plagued by our thirst for control driven by our hunger for love and addicted to the demons that ultimately consume us. A sensitive portrayal of ones deepest emotions this collection of stories explores the psyche of an individual their most vivid desires, most profound fears and the ultimate revelation of their darkest secrets.

Obsession brings together love and lust, betrayal and hurt grief life and longing. They are stories that strip the human spirit of all pretense exposing shame and sorrow, desire and desperation. Woven around characters that could well be you and I these are modern day chronicles of everyday heroes fallen or exalted. Stories that thrust us towards introspection and self-realization these are narratives that force us to explore the hidden us and the truths that we often refuse to see.

Obsession is one mans quest to create the perfect wife, a widows desperate attempts to remove the shackles of greed or anther's mans perspective of love. Obsession runs the gamut of human experience and endeavor and expression creating a tempestuous display of heat and ice and launching the reader into a familiar yet sombre world.