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What do Women Want from Men?
Author: Dan True , One Hundred Women

Publisher: Rupa Publishers
ISBN: 9788129124678
Pages: 216
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This book provides answers to the eternal question, what women want from men? This book will provide men with some real insight into the female psyche and will help them cope better with their female counterparts.

Summary of the Book

The author sets out on a questioning spree, interviewing women from all walks of life to figure out what exactly went wrong with his marriage. Dan True asked 100 women of different ages and professions 110 questions on how they feel about men with respect to almost everything. The book has a collection of some of the most witty, candid, and corky comments of women on money, marriage, sex, anger, cuddling, lying, expectations and fantasies. In his quest to find out what doomed his marriage, the author learns a lot by interacting with the fairer sex.