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Field of Swords : Emperor Series 3
Author: Conn Iggulden

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780007437146
Pages: 656
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The Field of Swords - spanning from 67 BC to 49 BC (Four years after the defeat of Spartacus to the crossing of the Rubicon). Caesar is in Spain, still depressed after his wife's death and with no plans of further advancement. Pompey and Crassus rule Rome as consuls while Brutus mother Servilia travels to Spain to meet her son. Caesar goes out to ride with her and they fall in love, dividing Brutus and Caesar for the first time as Brutus unintentionally sees his mother and best friend in bed together. Soon returning to Rome, Caesar rallies to become consul but is disturbed as Crassus reveals a conspiracy to him, led by the insurgent Catiline. Taking his Tenth legion (originally created by Brutus as Caesar was in Greece), Caesar defeats Catiline and his supporters are brutally executed by Pompey. Confronting Crassus, Caesar reveals he knew Crassus was the mastermind of the whole conspiracy, yet unknown by all others, including Pompey. After becoming consul, Caesar goes to Gaul to fight an eight year war, spanning half the book. After finally defeating the Gaulish high king Vercingetorix, where his old friend Renius dies in battle and Cabera shortly before, prophesying he saw Caesar fall on the Ides of March in Rome. After bloody battles between street gangsters Clodius and Milo, burning down half the city and killing them both, Pompey assumes power and is proclaimed dictator. With only him and Caesar left, he orders Caesar dead by a spy who refuses to carry out the assassination and also warns Caesar not to go into Rome alone as Pompey would want him dead. Standing at the Rubicon, Brutus says Caesar will always be his friend and have his support, whether they should invade Italy or go hide forever in Gaul. Uttering "the die is cast", Caesar crosses the river and goes to Rome.