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David Copperfield Classics Illustrated
Author: Charles Dickens

Publisher: Acclaim Books
ISBN: 9781578400393
Pages: 115
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A comic book adaptation of Dickens' novel, followed by an essay. Story of an abandoned waif who discovers life and love in an indifferent world, this classic tale of childhood is populated with a cast of eccentrics, innocents, and villains who number among the author's greatest creations. — Dickens's classic autobiographical novel describes a young man's rise in the world. David Copperfield, the narrator, is orphaned at a tender age and raised first by his brutal stepfather (who halts his schooling and sends him to work in a factory), then by a kindly aunt. He trains for a career in law, but eventually becomes a journalist and author. An ill-advised marriage brings him considerable unhappiness, but not long after his wife's death he is reunited with his childhood sweetheart. A sprawling portrait of life in Victorian England, DAVID COPPERFIELD is perhaps Dickens's most popular work, and it contains many of the characters -- Mr. Micawber, Uriah Heep, Betsey Trotwood, Steerforth, and Little Emily -- who gave Dickens his reputation as the finest literary portraitist of his age