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River God
Author: Wilbur Smith

Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
ISBN: 9780330449939
Pages: 466
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River God is the first novel in Wilbur Smith’s Ancient Egypt series, beginning the story of the eunuch slave Taita and his beloved Lostris.

Taita’s life is marked by difficulties. He is a eunuch slave, bound to the service of the evil Grand Vizier, Intef, of the kingdom of Upper Egypt. His only refuge is his love for Intef’s daughter, the gorgeous Lostris. However, what chance does a eunuch have when his competition is a brave warrior worthy of much praise? Tanus is slowly rising up the ranks of the Egyptian army, fated for glory. He loves Lostris, and she returns his affections. However, theirs is a doomed love for the old Pharaoh has laid eyes on the lovely Lostris. He marries her, making her one of his 200 wives. Along with Lostris comes the loyal Taita who becomes one of the Pharaoh’s most powerful allies. But Taita has a different agenda, for his loyalties only lie with his beloved Lostris. He will do anything to unite her with the one she really loves: the love-struck warrior Tanus who pines away for her. But what chances do a Eunuch, a lowly warrior and a brittle maiden have against the God King of Egypt?