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Author: James Hadley Chase

Publisher: Mastermind Books
Pages: 176
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James Hadley Chase has gained a world-wide reputation as the author of fifty-eight successful novels of suspense. But every so often he departs from his expected thrill-a-minute plot as he did with two of his most successful books : Eve and Miss Shumway Waves a Wand : both filmed and paperback big sellers. In his new novel, Cade, Chase adds a third novel to the unexpected out-of-the-usual Chase thriller. Here is a story of an alcoholic press photographer, set against the torrid background of Mexico, the glittering lights of New York and the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland. He finished his drink, then picked up his Minolta, he walked over the bridge to reach the far side of the pool and made his way with easy strides to the public beach. Without knowing it, he was about to keep a fatal appointment with his destiny. It was on this hot sunny afternoon that he first met Juana Roca, a woman who was to ruin him to the wreck of a man who was later to be beaten nearly to death in a town called Eastonville. "