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God: A Story of Revelation
Author: Deepak Chopra

Publisher: Harperone
ISBN: 978-0062312761
Pages: 279
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About the Book: God: A Story of Revelation In this groundbreaking teaching novel, New York Times bestselling author of Buddha and Jesus reveals the evolving nature of God. Our experience of God evolves through crisis, both inner and outer. Throughout history every conception of God expanded human awareness, and helped to answer the burning questions at the heart of our daily struggle. Beloved author and teacher Deepak Chopra takes us on an enlightening journey through history as we come to understand God through the lives of our most celebrated saints and sages. From Socrates to Joan of Arc, Rumi to Baal Shem Tov, Thomas the Apostle to Einstein, God emerges in times of conflict and sheds divine light. While Gods wisdom was often ignored and very often betrayed, we witness firsth and how His presence and influence evolved over time and in so doing experience the great inrush of spirit that arrives and turns confusion and conflict into clarity and inspiration. In the end, God: A Story of Revelation is about on our very human journey to know and understand the divine. About the Author: Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra is the founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California, and is acknowledged as one of the master teachers of Eastern philosophy in the Western World. He has written more than fifty-five books and has been a bestselling author for decades with over a dozen titles on the New York Times bestseller lists, including Buddha, Jesus, and many others.