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Madam X
Author: Aashu Patel

Publisher: Shree Books
ISBN: 9788179634585
Pages: 240
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Madam X A racy, fast-paced read... She is the deadliest of them all. Small-town girl Rachna hails from a devout family and nurses big ambitions. Her quest to make it big takes her on an unexpected, roller-coaster journey. From the arms of Indore policeman Abhijit, to Mumbai and Dubai... to becoming the protege of the infamous don Raju Vardhan, Rachna embarks on a dangerous path that transforms her into the dreaded Madam X. How Rachna, as Madam X, revels in the underbelly of the underworld as a gangster and hit-woman is related in this racy, fast-paced novel, that is soon to become a major motion film.