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The Seeker
Author: Karan Bajaj

Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 978-0143423959
Pages: 360
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Can a man walk on water? Can he see the future? Can he read people’s minds? One man will find answers that challenge all his rational beliefs. After a deep personal loss, Maximus Pzoras, Harvard economist and Wall Street banker, sets out on a quest to find the cause of human pain and suffering. His journey takes him from New York to a hidden ashram in south India to a drought-stricken village to a freezing cave high in the Himalayas. And as he goes from cubicle dweller to cave dwelling yogi, he starts to develop extraordinary powers. But will Max, investment banker turned Himalayan sage, find the answers to the questions that led him to India? The Seeker is both a gripping adventure and a story of a man’s tremendous inner transformation, a Siddhartha for our generation.