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The World of Hrishikesh Mukherjee: The Filmmaker Everyone Loves
Author: Jai Arjun Singh

Publisher: Viking Publishers
ISBN: 978-0670087082
Pages: 336
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One of India’s best-loved film directors, Hrishikesh Mukherjee is perhaps best known today for his perennially popular creations like Anand, Chupke Chupke and Gol Maal. But hrishi-da’s best work was provocative, wide-ranging and always aware of the complexities of people and their relationships, even when the setting was a simple, middle-class household. Often combining breezy narratives with serious ideas, his films created a distinct world with recurring themes such as the relationship between fantasy and life, an individual’s journey towards becoming more responsible in a flawed world, performance (Naatak-Baazi) as a revelation of character, and gender relations in a conservative society.

Jai Arjun Singh looks closely at Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Oeuvre, from well-known films like Satyakam, Guddi, Abhimaan and Khubsoorat to lesser known (but equally notable) works such as Mem-Didi, Biwi aur Makaan and Anuradha. Combining a fan’s passion with a critic’s rigour, the world of Hrishikesh Mukherjee is a book for anyone who takes their filmed entertainment seriously.
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