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Himu Samgra
Author: Humayun Ahmed

Publisher: Prativash
Pages: 235
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Himu (Bengali: হিমু) is a popular fictional character created by the popular Bangladeshi writer Humayun Ahmed who appears in a disjunct series of novels.

Himu lives like a vagabond or a gypsy. He does not have job and, therefore, no source of income. He prefers the life of a beggar than that of a hard worker, often praising begging. However, Himu walks endlessly- never using any forms of transportation. He likes to meet people from odd walks of life and charm (or perplex) unsuspecting people with prophetic comments or counter-intuitive remarks. He remains unnerved when caught in awkward situation.

His father wanted to make him a "Mahapurush" (a great man, possibly with supernatural powers) by raising him in an environment for him to understand the dark side of human nature. Later, when Himu grew up he thought that his father was not a psychopath, and he was right to try to make Himu a "Great Philosopher". Moreover, it is seen that Himu often develops ambivalent feelings towards his father- often thinking that he failed his task and at other times thinking the other way round.