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The Abc Murders
Author: Agatha Christie

Publisher: Harper Collins India
ISBN: 978-0007282456
Pages: 254
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Famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, is back to crack another whodunit in Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders. The book also features Poirot's friends, Chief Inspector Japp and Colonel Arthur Hastings. The novel states how Poirot receives a mysterious letters informing him about the place and time of subsequent murders. These letters have the signature ABC.

The first victim is Alice Ascher, who runs a tobacco store in Andover. Waitress Betty Barnard from Bexhill is murdered next. The third victim is Sir Carmichael Clarke from Churston. Poirot wonders why the notes were sent to him instead of the police. He goes to meet Sir Carmichael Clarke's wife, who is a cancer patient and soon comes to the conclusion that all the three crimes had one thing in common. On the day of the crime, a man selling silk stockings was present.

As Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders moves further, readers are introduced to salesman and former war soldier, Alexander Bonaparte Cust. After he suffered a serious head injury, he would often have lapses in memory, epileptic fits and headaches. at the movies, when the killer claims a fourth victim, Alexander has a blackout. All the evidence points to him and his room contains stockings, murder weapon and a typewriter. But is he actually guilty? If not, will Poirot be able to prove the man's innocence and find the actual serial killer? The paperback version of this novel was published by Harper in 2007.