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Hinduism/Frequently Asked Questions
Author: NA

Publisher: Chinmaya Mission Trust
ISBN: 978-1880687383
Pages: 111
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Hindu cullture is founded upon the sacred scriptures of the Vedas,which are revered even today,for they contain revelations of eternal Truth and embody the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Hindu people.The vedas are the legacy of the rishis,or subjective scientists,who touched a deep cord within,far beyond physical,mental and intellectual layers,which allowed them to see all life as interconnected. They saw the One manifested throughout thr univerde,making everything sacred to them.When life is honored and belief in holiness of all life is fostered,one can not help but acquire a deep sense of reverence for life.Hindu culture evolved out of this vision. This book provides concise and precise answers to basic questions about Hinduism,unfolding the foundation upon which Hindu culture rests.