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Thea Stilton: The Journey to Atlantis
Author: Geronimo Stilton

Publisher: Scholastic India
ISBN: 978-0545440202
Pages: 230
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dition series, first released on October 2012. This book is an encapsulation of the adventures of Geronimo Stilton's sister Thea Stilton. The readers, like the characters, will be bound in mystery and can solve them as the Thea sisters advance in their pursuit. With a different lead character playing the adventures, this book will be a fresh treat of humor and adventure to school children.

Thea Stilton is the sister of the bestselling author, Geronimo Stilton. Thea works as a writer in The Rodent's Gazette and teaches at Mouseford Academy. Taking a recess to her work, Thea sets off to a voyage in the ocean. in the meanwhile, her friends-the Thea Sisters-happened to encounter a mystery. When Paulina was basking in the beach near Mouseford Academy, She found a mysterious boy with blue skin on the shore. As the Thea sisters attempted to talk to the boy, he replied in an unfamiliar language. Immediately after encountering the mysterious boy, they called up Thea Stilton. Excited by the mystery, Thea comes back, gathers her mouselings and starts her pursuit for the new adventure-to find the whereabouts of the blue boy.

Thea Stilton: The Journey To Atlantis (Thea Stilton Special Edition) is wound up with adventures that will hook the readers and crack their brain to solve the mysteries encountered by the characters. The edition is published in hardcover, on 1 October 2012.