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The Great Indian Diet
Author: Shilpa Shetty Kundra (Author), Luke Coutinho (Author)

Publisher: Ebury Press
ISBN: 978-8184007480
Pages: 288
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Shilpa Shetty, a health-freak and fitness expert, collaborates with international health expert and holistic nutritionist Luke Coutinho to present the book, 'The Great Indian Diet’.

A book based completely on Indian nutritious culinary classics, The Great Indian Diet teaches the average Indian household that in order to maintain good health and spirit, one need not always have to borrow ideas and nutrition plan from the West. Basic Indian cereals and locally grown and sourced pulses and other ingredients can whip up exceedingly tasty as well as nutritious food in no time. The book goes on to describe how an enthusiast can go about using raw Indian cooking materials available at affordable price in the market, to support a healthy lifestyle.

In order to tailor the best possible diet for the readers, the book elaborately discusses the various food categories and the nutrition-content in different types of food and tells the readers how to take adequate care of the daily nutrition intake. Whilst doing so, the book does not cease to discuss how one may burn fat consistently by eating right.

According to the readers, the best thing about this food is that it discusses on various aspect of an average Indian kitchen and busts all the 'big FAT myth’ without being preachy. It is just an informative cook-book that aims to make the readers fitter and healthier by helping them in eating local and eating right. The book also contains an elaboration on different Indian spices, oil, grains and even chutneys among other food items and ingredients.

In clear words and detailed analysis, this book brings about an amalgamation of experiences of an uber-fit Indian celebrity and a professional nutritionist and promises to bust every myth that surrounds basic Indian food.

Worth My Time, it's impressive it's a must buy for each n everyone, specially for a beginner like me who is lazy and struggling to lose some weight but one thing is that shilpa have focused too much on cancer cures rather than weight loss, I don't know why? But apart from that it's a great book. --By rafiya on 5 December 2015

Very good book. Talks about the benefits of local food, how to have the local herbs and spices so as to get their benefit.It reminds us of the good in the Indian diet without being preachy. it is a good read and one can easily do the things given in the book and from the stuff available in India and not the exotic fancy varieties from overseas.Though I did pick it up because of Shilpa shetty and there are inputs from her too, but it's more of luke countinho's book. --By Rags on 22 November 2015

Its a great book ,lot of information about Indian food which we know but neglecting it , its very easy to understand and adapt in our lifestyle so thankyou for helping all Indians by giving Indian diet , its worth having this book. --By varsha on 1 December 2015