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Mother Teresa: The Untold Story-released On 1st March 2016
Author: Aroup Chatterjee

Publisher: Fingerprints
ISBN: 978-8175993310
Pages: 978-8175993310
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The popular tendency is to deify myths, gurus, and personalities without investigating the claims thoroughly. Mother Teresa is one such name. Does Mother Teresa deserve her reputation as the most charitable person who ever lived? This book makes for a gripping but disconcerting read.


'Necessary, well-documented' - The Times Higher Education Supplement, London

'Painstakingly recorded, (exposes) the other side of Teresa' - Irish Independent, Dublin

'Very serious and deserves wide dissemination . . . Truly shocking' - The Irish Times, Dublin

'Explosive' - The Asian Age

'Written with painstaking care' - The Telegraph, Kolkata

'Dr. Chatterjee tackles the inaccuracies, misconceptions, and the elaborate propaganda machine enacted to portrait the albanian nun as relevant humanitarian . . .' - Hemley Gonzalez, founder of Responsible Charity Corp

'Mother teresa at some point in her career lost connection with reality and ballooned out of all proportion, serving the cause of the ecclesiastical politics of the vatican rather than the cause of suffering humanity. Dr. Aroup Chatterjee does an excellent job in separating the reality from the layers of myth-making' - Dr. Ketaki Kushari Dyson, writer, translator, and researche