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The Nightmare :(Joona Linna, Book 2)
Author: Lars Kepler

Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-0007414505
Pages: 624
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The Second gripping thriller in Lars Kepler’s bestselling series featuring Joona Linna

Stockholm, Sweden: the lifeless body of a young woman is discovered on an abandoned boat. Later, a man is found hanging alone in his apartment.

Should the deaths be treated as suicide or murder? Only four people know the answer. And one man wants them dead.

Can Detective Inspector Joona Linna keep them alive long enough to find out the truth?


‘A high-octane, taut thriller’ Marie Claire

‘One of the most exciting Swedish crime novels of recent years…It doesn’t get much better than this.’ Göteborgsposten

‘Intricate detective work and heart-ticking suspense’ Boston Globe

‘Joona Linna is quietly assured and as smart as a bag full of Morses’ Metro