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Author: Krishna Modi

Publisher: Power Publishers
ISBN: 978-9384923846
Pages: 153
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This is not really a book, in the strict sense of the word. This is a series of conversations in poetry and prose. A dialogue with diverse parts of me about Marriage, Love, God, Religion, Philosophy and Spirituality. An exchange spanning two decades. It has persisted so long because I have somehow intrinsically and effortlessly felt immense tranquility in talking with myself. And in the midst of the discourse, inadvertently getting glimpses of parts of me hitherto undiscovered. I have conversed with a motley of people inside me. A scheming businessman. An aloof husband. An obstinate son. A shy lover. A benevolent human. An enquiring philosopher. And a detached 'soul'. And I have at times apprehensively settled to and mostly struggled to experientially answer the eternal question 'Who am I'? That is all this is. A few pages. A few words. And Nothing. Alone. In the middle of the crowd. A conversation with myself.