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Sales Decoded: 5 Steps to Powerful Selling
Author: MR Amit Sharma (Author), Mrs Lakshmi Sirisha (Contributor)

Publisher: 24by7publishing
ISBN: 978-9384882877
Pages: 186
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Success in Sales is 'UNLIMITED'. There is a massive opportunity of earning money and rewards but only a few are able to grab it and change their life forever. Opportunity is equal to all then why only few of us have that 'MAGIC TOUCH' to convince people, get them to invest and invest 'BIG' into whatever they sell? Globalization, Economic Climate, and evolving technology has made modern day selling 'COMPLEX'. Today's prospect expects not just 'Need Fulfillment'; it is the 'SUCCESS' he seeks. This book offers you an undiscovered and underutilized edge - CREATIVE SELLING. Book teaches you how to use CREATIVE SELLING to win prospect 'Trust' and 'Investments' over and over again.