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Eternal Reflections
Author: Dr. Siddharth Lakhotia

Publisher: MPSVO
ISBN: 978-9382061182
Pages: 450
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Photo Book with 1000 photos taken during his Indian Journeys by Dr. Siddharth Lakhotia, Cardiac Surgeon by profession along with Quotes of Wisdom.The Eternal, the timeless is reflected everywhere, whatever we see all around us, there is a reflection of that eternal in it. This book is a journey through the reflections of that eternal which can never be defined in words, can only be felt and enjoyed in the beauty of innumerable colors of its endless manifestations .Dr Siddharth Lakhotia M.S, M.Ch is Faculty in the Department of Cardio Thoracic Surgery at Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU, Varanasi. He has been pioneer in establishment of Open Heart Surgery programme at IMS, BHU, only government center in Eastern UP doing such procedures. His main professional interests are heart surgery for children, lung surgery and teaching UG and PG students.He has done four highly successful solo photographic exhibitions. His hobbies are travelling, driving, organic farming, swimming and philately. I always wanted to publish my photos and spread it to larger audience , by doing this I wanted to spread the message that artists are not only those who study art formally. In fact we all are artists, every human being, every creature, every life form existing in this word is an artist. Art is inherent in all of us, we all practice art in one form or another in every act we do. Who doesn't love photography and to be photographed? I think we all. Photography is both science and art, art more. And taking photographs is purely an art, so I feel. So why we do not enjoy art in its varied forms which has been gifted to each of us!! Why we let artist in us die as we grow more and more in our professional fields? I feel art can be kept alive in each of us, in whichever profession we are. When we keep the artist inside us alive . I feel we do better in our chosen fields. Art teaches us to be humble, to be caring and sharing and forgiving, to be loving to all.
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