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Rekha: The Untold Story, released on 29 Aug 2016
Author: Yasser Usman

Publisher: Juggernaut
ISBN: 978-8193284186
Pages: 240
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Unloved by her father and pushed into Bollywood by her mother’s gambling habit, Rekha, a plump and dark-skinned fourteen-year-old, rose to become the most glamorous sex symbol of the film industry. A racy page-turner on the reclusive star, this book tells the truth about her relationship with the reigning superstar of the time, her many other love affairs, the shocking suicide of her husband and her curious relationship with her androgynous secretary Farzana.

I have always been interested in Bollywood stories though I have never bought too many books on film stars except the book in Rajesh Khanna by the same author. Rekha has always made for interesting read. There is a lot available in the Internet about her. Yet I bought thus book as I liked the author!s earlier book. And I don't regret buying this book at all. The book is racy . It is unputdownable. I finished it in a day. The author has not sensationalised anything yet ensured that the book is interesting, it brings out various facets of Rekha as a person and actress. It presents a balanced view without glorifying her nor witch hunting. The book can be read and loved by people across generations. --By SL on 13 September 2016

It was a good book but I was surprised to learn that it was written without the collaberation of Rekha herself. The author has pieced together various articles in magazines and information from TV interviews over the years since Rekha started acting, and come up with this book. He has of course got some exclusive information (aside from hitherto printed news) from people who have interacted with the diva. --By Deepti Tuvar on 19 September 2016