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Reading books on a wide array of subjects, spanning from management to self help, sports to politics, fiction to nonfiction, classics to new releases, is an intrinsic part of creating a well-rounded and productive professional.

A well read employee = A productive employee = A profitable company

What makes it difficult for employees/professionals is their lack of time and money, to get the books that they want and need to read. For corporates too, it becomes a very expensive proposition to provide an in-house library facility, because of the huge capital investment required on books, costly real estate and administrative hassles. provides a paradigm shift to the concept of a conventional library and therefore provides solution to the above mentioned hurdles.

Value Proposition: Customized corporate library service providing affordable, convenient and comfortable access to the books you want to read.

Benefits for Corporates

  • No capital expenditure on books.
  • No investment on space required for a library.
  • No expenditure and effort involved to maintain the library.
  • Enhances employee’s satisfaction & development and the company’s value proposition.
  • Benefits for Employees

  • Library on your desk: Easy online navigation, selection and ordering of books.
  • Personalized service: Individual login access for each employee.
  • No travel required: Free delivery and pickup of books from the office desk within 24 working hours.
  • Unlimited rental time: No due dates or late fees
  • Over 45+ categories: Wide range of titles to meet both