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Timi Timingil
Description : Timi Timingil by Narayan Sanyal is a popular Novel which is written by Narayan Sanyal. The book was...
Ebong Kalratri
Ebong Kalratri
Author : Manoj Das
Publisher : Book Farm
Description : To Be UpdatedBook
Nirjan Sraswati
Description : The fight of Debadrita to establish herself as a CA academically, when bound up in love parallel fi...
Koto Ajanare
Description : The sheer range of personalities that cross the path of the narrator is astounding, and the reader o...
Description : A path that leads to someone you love is the story ofthis book. Questing yourself to find the answer...
Description : ফলো দ্য স্টার, উশ্মিলকে বলে গিয়েছিলেন ...
Ami Sirajer Begum
Description : The story is set against the backdrop of 18th century Bengal when Nabab Siraj-ud-daulah, notably the...
Bhamti Ashrumati
Description : A mythological story of two characters Bhamti and Ashrumati
Ishwarer Nostho Bhrun
Description : A terrific collection of 12 blood-curdling stories. Such fear-inducing tales have rarely been writte...
Author : Sanmatrananda
Publisher : Dhansere
Description : The feelings of life and its expressions rebounds around them in words and emotions.
Nastik Panditer Bhita
Description : A novel that revolves round the life of Atish Dipankar, an eleventh century Buddhist monk, scholar a...
Subarnarenu Subarnarekha
Description : To Be updated
Yogi Kothamrito -Translation
Description : Translation of : autobiography of a Yogi In 1996, Yoga International hailed Paramahansa Yoganand...
Description : Mahanodi is a story about the river in different time orientations related with the people living be...
Kolkatar Pratima Shilpira
Description : Through Arjun's struggle, the author explores caste and class discrimination that continues to plagu...
Eai Akasher Niche
Description : A short novel
Megh_er Pore Megh
Description :
Description :
Nayantara_r Goynagati
Description : A fiction
50 ti Golpoo
Description :
Description : To Be Updated
Thriller Saptok
Description : Seven thrillers by the Author.
Shrestha Golpo
Description : A collection of stories by the renowned author Nabakumar Basu
Goyenda Gargi Samagra: 3
Description : A collection of crime thrillers from Tapan Bandopadhay
Goyenda Gargi Samagra: 2
Description : A collection of crime thrillers from Tapan Bandopadhay