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Surely You are Joking Mr. Feynman
Description : In this phenomenal bestseller, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard P. Feynman recounts his adventu...
The Selfish Gene
Description : The million copy international bestseller, critically acclaimed and translated into over 25 language...
The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable-Released July 2016
Description : Are we deranged? One of India’s greatest writers, Amitav Ghosh, argues that future generations may...
The Gene: An Intimate History
Description : Spanning the globe and several centuries, The Gene is the story of the quest to decipher the master-...
Reignited: Scientific Pathways to a Brighter Future
Description : Will robots take over the world? When will we meet aliens? How are memories stored inside the brain?...
Black Holes And Baby Universes And Other Essays
Description : Readers worldwide have come to know the work of Stephen Hawking through his phenomenal bestseller, A...
Dark Cosmos
Dark Cosmos
Author : Dan Hooper
Publisher : Smithsonian
Description : Everyone knows that there are things no one can see, for example, the air you're breathing or a blac...
The Theory Of Relativity
Description : In this collection of Einstein's most important writings on physics, Einstein reduces the complex to...
Fermat's Enigma
Description : xn + yn = zn, where n represents 3, 4, 5, solution "I have discovered a truly marvelous demon...
Relativity-The Special and The General Theory
Description : Redesigned inside and out to have a fresh, appealing look, this new edition of a classic Crown Trade...
Inside Stars
Description : Provides a glimpse into star nurseries, tracking the lumincent trail to fiery scene of stars to reve...
Ceramics are Forever
Ceramics are Forever
Author : B.C.Sharma
Publisher : CSIR
Description : Mention ceramics to the layman and the range of uses would probably extend no further than kitchen a...
Plastic Feast
Plastic Feast
Author : Subodh Jawadekar
Publisher : CSIR
Description : To Be Updated
Mining the Ocean
Mining the Ocean
Author : T.K.S.Murthy
Publisher : CSIR
Description : To Be Updated
Man in Space
Man in Space
Author : P.Radhakrishnan
Publisher : CSIR
Description : Man in Space" is an episode of Disneyland which originally aired on March 9, 1955. It was directed b...
The Accidental Naturalist.
Description : For as long as he can remember, Ben Fogle has been surrounded by creatures great and small. As a you...
How The Mind Forgets And Remembers
Description : To a very great extent our memoires are our selves. a gripping and thought provoking exploration of ...