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Malory Towers: New Class at Malory Towers
Description : It's time to welcome new girls to Malory Towers, the famous boarding school by the sea, in four bran...
Malory Towers : Fun and Games
Description : For new girl Darrell Rivers, there are friends to be made, pranks to be played and fun to be had at ...
Malory Towers : Secrets
Description : Book eleven is filled with mystery. What's with all the secrets? How did Daffy pull off her latest p...
Malory Towers : Goodbye
Description : In book twelve, the sixth form girls are to attend finishing school before they're sent out into the...
Third Year  At Malory Towers
Description : To be updated
Malory Towers : Complete Unabridged( first three books)
Description : Complete and unabridged first three books of Malory Towers