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Yogi Kothamrito -Translation
Description : Translation of : autobiography of a Yogi In 1996, Yoga International hailed Paramahansa Yoganand...
Japan Theke Fire
Japan Theke Fire
Author : Narayan Shanyal
Publisher : d
Description : The next part of Ami Nrtaji K Dekhechi
Description : This book is about Amrita Sher-Gil who was an eminent Hungarian-Indian painter. She has been called ...
Emilie O Subhas: A True Love Story
Description : Krishna Bose pens 'A True Love Story - Emilie and Subhas' Netaji's niece-in-law and former MP Krish...
Natyabhabitabya O Rabindranath
Description : A comparative study of drama n Rabindranath
Onno Aloy E Shambhu Mitra
Description : Biography of The great Bengali actor and director Shambhu Mitra in a different light and perspectiv...
Dugout , March 2017
Description : Cricket , politics and reality
Rabindranath O Kadamboridevi( রবীন্দ্রনাথ ও কাদম্বরীদেবী  ) : manobijnaner aloke samparker itibritta
Description : An interesting study of the psychology of Rabindranath and Kadambari Devi , life ... family... pros...
Ahare Anahare Maharaj Vivekananda
Description : "Ahare Anahare Maharaj Vivekananda" will take a peek into the culinary interests of the monk. S...
Girish o Binodini
Description : This books beautifully captures the various facets of the romance between two of Indian theatre's le...
Goddo Samagro 2
Description : A biography of the author and his works
Matinee Idol Uttam Kumar
Description : To Be Updated
First person : Part 2
Description : Biography of the Author, Rituparno Ghosh the actor director and famous movie maker
First Person : Part  1
Description : Biography of the Author, Rituparno Ghosh the actor director and famous movie maker
Shandya Rat_er Shefali
Description : Miss Shefali is a trend setter in Bengal as a cabaret dancer. Autobiography of the dancer of yestery...
Smriti Shototoi Shukher :2
Description : Memories ofthe author with the eminant writer and her life
Smriti Shototoi Shukher :1
Description : A story of memories down the lane
Pran Shakha Bibekananda
Description : A Biography of Swami Bibekananda
Ascharjwa Vivekananda
Description : Biography of Vivekananda
JAmuna Nodi-r Musaira
Description : The world renowned poet Mirza Galibs life is a complete work of fiction. the author here has beauti...
Author : Shonkha Ghosh
Publisher : Dey Publisher's
Description : A diary of Shankho Ghosh that fortunately got published a a book by a little magazine, As promised b...
Aamar Rabindranath
Description : Rabindranath his life and his Sights Purnendra Patri Rabindranath is someone who's writing ...
Bhalobasa-R Baranda
Description : A biographical sketch of the author published in Robibasoriya now in a book form
Pradeep-er Panchali
Description : A biography of P.C.Sorcar Even if magician( P.C.Sorcar Juniour) had not been famous as an magician...
Description : To Be Updated