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Golpo Samagra
Description : Collection f short Stories
The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher Stories
Description : Hilary Mantel is one of Britains most accomplished, acclaimed and garlanded writers. Uniquely, her l...
50 ti Golpoo
Description :
Aloukik Golpo Somogro
Description : Collection of supernatural stories
Sudhu Prem
Description : A book fair release of 2016 Collection of love stories by the author, the first book of the series...
Syed Mustaba Ali Rachonaboli 6
Description : Collection Of Novels by the author
Bhraman Samagra Part 2
Description : Bhraman Samagra Part 2 (Bengali) Hardcover by Nabaneeta Dev Sen
Goddo Samagro 2
Description : A biography of the author and his works
Sradendu Ombonibas-Volume 3
Description : Sharadindu Omnibus is a mystery, detective novel by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. Sharadindu Bandyopadhy...
Thriller Saptok
Description : Seven thrillers by the Author.
Na MAnusher Panchali
Description : To be updated
Nabanita Debsen..Golposamgra 3
Description : A collection of stories by Nanbanita Debsen
Abhijeet Sen _er Dasti Upanysh
Description : A collection of Novels by the author 1.Rahu Chandal er Har 2.Andhokar-er Nodi 3.Chaya_r Pakhi 4....
Nimai Battacharjee_r Shreshtha Goplpo
Description : To Be Updated
Description : To be updated.
Kiriti Omnibus :Book 9
Description : A collection of detective stories by Niharranjan Gupta The famous detective kiriti is a creation of...
Author : Buddhadeb Guha
Publisher : Parul
Description : To Be Updated
Bomkesh Samagra
Description : Byomkesh Samagra is a Bengali book by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, who popularized the fictional detect...
Syed Mustaba Ali Rachonaboli 4
Description : Collection Of Novels by the author
Gogol Samagra Vol 1
Description : As per the writer Samaresh Basu, Gogol's father Samiresh Chatterjee was fan of Russian writer Nikola...
Bibhuti Bhushan Golpo Samgra Volume 2
Description :
PaNchator_ti(seventyfive) golpo
Description : A collection of Seventyfive stories from Sanjeev Chattapadhaya
Description : A collection of most of the fictions which have been mostly picturised as drama or movies
Upanyas Samagra - Vol. 3
Description : A collection Of novels (Upanays's) s by the author. Volume 3
Kakababu Samagra - Vol.6
Description : Raja Roy Chowdhury, mostly known by his nickname, Kakababu (Bengali: কাকাবাবু), is a...