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Charan_Chuyae_Jai :3rd Part
Description : Sankar says..."In my life of sixty years all those people i came in touch with and all who had influ...
Author : Kalkut
Publisher : Ananda Publishers
Description : To be updated
Prothom Alo : 1
Description : Prothom Alo 01 is a popular novel written by Sunil Gangopadhyay. I wonder how a man can write a book...
Hutom Pyanchar Naksha
Description : Hutom Pyanchar Naksha (literally "Sketches by a Watching Owl") is a book by Kaliprasanna Singha (184...
Tin Jaliat Ebong Ek Mithyebadi
Description : A humorous short story
Sat Dos_e
Sat Dos_e
Author : Sankar
Publisher : Dey's Publishing
Description : A collection of Sankar's writings , a gift of his birthday.
Khobor Ekhon
Khobor Ekhon
Author : Sankar
Publisher : Deep Prakashani
Description : To Be Updated
Bangalir Khawadawa
Description : This is not a Cooking guide book..... The book basically contains a list of restaurants and their fl...
Sei Samay
Description : To be updated.
Author : Kalkut
Publisher : Dey Publisher's
Description : The story of Kunti from Mahabharata.
Na Hanyate
Description : Na Hanyate, or It Does Not Die, is a novel written in 1974 by Maitreyi Devi, an Indian poet and nove...
Description : Tagore’s Gora is a profoundly Indian book. It questions the identity of each of its characters as ...
Description : The usual death of the women.. The illegitimate relation of the man and women... Two tillers tha...
Prothom Alo 2
Description : This is a historical masterpiece of Sunil Gangopadhayay and takes the reader in the nostalgic era of...