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Mind Is Your Business , released on 2014
Author: Sadhguru

Publisher: Diamond Books
ISBN: 978-9350833605
Pages: 174
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Now available from Isha Foundation and, a new series of double books. Printed from the front is a complete book entitled 'Body - The Greatest Gadget' and printed from the rear is 'Mind Is Your Business'. Body - The Greatest Gadget An introduction to the most sophisticated gadget on the planet. In the course of this book, Sadhguru explores the yogic philosophy and the many subtle dimensions of the human body. This is a first step on an intriguing and exciting journey that culminates in total mastery of the bodily system, allowing us to stay rooted in the physical, while yet also taste the beyond. Above all, the book is a glimpse into the possibility of living and functioning in a way that most human beings would consider superhuman. "A human being is a highly sophisticated mechanism. If you are in proper tune, you are capable of perceiving the whole cosmos within yourself." - Sadhguru Mind Is Your Business For most people, the mind seems to be an unruly cacophony, attempting to grasp and shape everything which falls in its purview. In 'Mind Is Your Business', Sadhguru explains that only if we make it "our business" to transform this uncoordinated mess into a well-coordinated symphony, will we be able use the mind rather than be used by it. "Once your mind becomes absolutely still, your intelligence transcends human limitations" - Sadhguru