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Author: Rita Bhimani,Shashi Tharoor (Foreword),Tarun Das (Preface)

Publisher: BEE Books
ISBN: 978-9380925738
Pages: 352
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Rita Bhimani brings to the profession of Public Relations a considerable degree of credibility with over four decades of commitment and counting. She runs her own PR consultancy Ritam Communications, is faculty for a three year degree course in Media Sciences, a columnist for various publications, producer of a documentary on Raja Rammohun Roy and a soft skills trainer and anchorperson for a range of industry meets and literary readings and celebrity face to face interviews with through her Red Sofa conversations. We bring you these details to show you how a PR person can be versatile and multifaceted. And the book, too has its multihued targets. We believe that everyone needs a modicum of PR. There’s something in it for all sections of people. It aims to be a Public Relations “handy” book, aimed at those who need to know the art, science and artifice of corporate communication in a new light. Who needs it? •Corporate entities who need to stay ahead, and be competitive •NGOs seeking more credibility •Newbies requiring the basic knowledge of the profession •Start ups aspiring for perception management skills to push into angel space •Individuals wanting extra propelling for planned communicative events •Existing practitioners who could gets further leads from this book. “This is a well-rounded tome on PR, written with Rita’s trademark fluency of expression... an essential volume for all those concerned with the management of image and reputation for corporates, for political personages – and for individuals, too”—Shashi Tharoor