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Jeeves and the King of Clubs
Author: Ben Schott

Publisher: Hutchinson
ISBN: 978-1786331441
Pages: 320
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Building on Wodehouse’s incalculable legacy, Jeeves and The King of Clubs reimagines Bertie Wooster as a British spy and the Junior Ganymede – the club for the gentleman’s gentleman - as a branch of the British Secret Service. Full of intrigue, exploits, comedy and wit, Schott and Wodehouse make for a harmonious, hilarious pair.

"Peerless in its wit, elegance and silliness. It is the most successful homage to PG Wodehouse's Wooster and Jeeves stories to date. The footnotes are a joy of misplaced erudition. More of the same, please." (Robert Fox Evening Standard, BOOKS OF THE YEAR)

"Schott rises to the occasion with a rebooting of one of literature’s great double acts that captures His Master’s voice and, above all, the famous Wodehouse rhythm... A brilliant conceit: a network of spies in livery, silently watching the movers and shakers." (The Times)

"His sensitivity to the tics and cadences of his characters’ speech and ways of being is uncannily acute, and full of the same freshness and resonance of perception as Wodehouse’s own style. . . it vibrates with the spirit and rhythms of [Wodehouse’s] heart" (Matthew Adams Sunday Times)

"An amusing and well-written homage to the master . . . Schott excels with a series of similes and metaphors every bit as striking as those Wodehouse came up with. A delight to read." (Observer)

"A most thrilling return of Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster." (Sunday Times)