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To Kill the Truth
Author: Sam Bourne

Publisher: Quercus
ISBN: 978-1529401554
Pages: 450
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Someone is trying to destroy the evidence of history's greatest crimes.

Academics and Holocaust survivors dead in mysterious circumstances. Museums and libraries burning. Digital records and irreplaceable proofs, lost forever.

Former White House operative Maggie Costello has sworn off politics. But when the Governor of Virginia seeks her help to stop the lethal spiral of killings, she knows that this is bigger than any political game. As Black Lives Matter protestors clash with slavery deniers, America is on a knife-edge and time is running out. This deadly conspiracy could ignite a new Civil War - but who stands to gain most from the chaos?

Taut, authoritative and explosive, To Kill the Truth takes us to the edge of anarchy, a world without truth in which history will be rewritten by those who live to shape it.
A Day of the Jackal for these dizzying times (Ian Rankin)

In To Kill the Truth, Maggie Costello rivetingly tackles a cabal of Holocaust and slavery deniers, whose aim is nothing less than to destroy memory

(Sunday Times, Thriller of the Month)

Urgently topical (The Times)

A propulsive plot and an appealing heroine . . . The premise is both intriguing and, in the current climate of post-truth, fake news and sour populism, grimly topical (Guardian)

Read this book (Jeffrey Archer)

Chilling . . . You think today's news is nightmarish enough? Sam Bourne's provocative thriller imagines things getting much, much worse (Mail on Sunday)

A dazzling thriller (Charles Cumming, author of The Man Between)

Totally compelling (Financial Times)

Bourne's writing is chillingly plausible... Read it while it's still fiction (James Swallow, author of Nomad and Exile)

A perfect fit in an era of lurid revelations and wholly implausible plots that are nevertheless real (Sunday Times)