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Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Arrow Books
ISBN: 978-0-09-947437-1
Pages: 324
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Another in the Regency panels repeats the theme of country mouse (Catherine Charing) who comes to London, cuts a swathe in the Polite World and lands in the arms of the man of her choice. Kitty is hair to a fortune IF she marries one of Mr. Penicuik's great-nephews; she turns down the offers as they are made and offers herself to fashion-plate Freddy for a month in London on the basis of an ...
More engagement which will be repudiated at the end of that time. She involves herself in the affairs of Dolphinton who is attempting to escape his Mama with one who is not of the bon ton: she champions the romance of Olivia and a gambler who is posing as a gentleman: she wakes up to the fact that her old love, Jack, is a cad and worthy only of being trampled on: -- and in all this pulls unwilling Freddy in her wake. Freddy is the one who ties up the loose-ends of her plotting, sets her straight on clothes and manners, and wins her heart for safe keeping. A diverting hum for those with a feeling (or a failing) for Heyer's costume pieces.