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The Rubadub Mystery
Author: Enid Blyton

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Pages: 100
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'The Barney Mysteries Book 4
Great Explosions in Hush-Hush Bay!'Roger, Diana and Snubby read the headline while on holiday at the 'Three Men in a Tub' Inn. Who is the enemy agent at the top-secret submarine harbour? Could it be the professor? Or the conjurer who gives Barney a job and says he can trace his father? And what part does the inn porter play in the mystery?Will Barney finally find his father?The Barney series (also called the Barney 'R' Mysteries because each title begins with the letter R) is all about siblings Roger and Diana Lynton, their cousin Snubby and their circus friend Barney. Together, the four, along with their pets Miranda the monkey and Loony the spaniel, embark on all sorts of adventures - from cracking curious cases to busting smuggling rackets.