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Vendetta in Death
Author: J.D.Robb (Nora Roberts)

Publisher: Pikatus
ISBN: 978-0349422053
Pages: 464
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'If you're a crime fiction fan and haven't discovered them yet, welcome to the very best day of your life'

He needed killing.

She'd researched, studied, planned the who, when, how and why for more than a year, and had chosen Nigel B. McEnroy to be the first.

When a family man is tortured, killed and dumped in front of his home for all the world to see, Eve Dallas knows she is on the hunt for a particularly dangerous killer. But death uncovers secrets and the killer leaves a note revealing the victim to be far from the family man he appears.

As Eve works to link victim and killer, another body is found. Another man with a dark and murky past.

The race is on before the killer strikes again but Eve must wrestle with her demons and her conscience as she decides whether she really wants to protect men who may just deserve everything they get...