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The Life Triumphant: Mastering the Heart and Mind
Author: James Allen

Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
ISBN: 978-9354401022
Pages: 190
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All of us wish to have the best life-experience, to live life well and to its fullest. But how do we know that we are living our best life? And if we are not, how do we bring this about? The answer to such essential questions is in this life-changing guide, written by a man whose contribution to self-help literature is unparalleled. James Allen’s The Life Triumphant gives valuable tips to demonstrate that your life is yours to create. From writing of how to realise the universal energy in man, how to practise self-control and how this will ultimately lead to happiness, to conveying the benefits of inculcating simplicity, calmness, and right thinking, this book paves the way for people to become masters of their own life.