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The Happy Prince and Other Tales
Author: Oscar Wilde

Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
ISBN: 978-9389931006
Pages: 384
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Once there was a happy prince, who had to learn what sorrow was. A Nightingale, who sang all night with a thorn to her little heart. A young king, who was crowned by God himself. A selfish giant, who erected a wall to keep the children away. A Rocket, who thought all other fireworks were beneath him. And many more enchanting characters with unforgettable stories. . . A collection that was lauded by readers and critics alike, and has undergone numerous adaptations, the happy prince and other tales holds in its pages beautiful, memorable, and magical fairy tales. And as you travel in this fantastical world of Dwarves, witches, giants, and other creatures, you will find everything: friendship, betrayal, selflessness, sacrifice, loss, joy, beauty, and brutality