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Footsteps in the Dark
Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Arrow Books
ISBN: 978-0-099-49369-3
Pages: 328
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The Priory May Be Ramshackled In Appearance, But Peter, Margaret And Celia, Who Have Inherited It From Their Uncle, Love It For Its Rambling Charm. But There'S More To This House Than Is At First Apparent: For Years Hardly A Single Person Has Set Foot In The Place, And Even Their Uncle Chose To Live In A Different House, Far Away From This Particular Property.Local Wisdom Says That The House Is Haunted. And When Things Start Going Bump In The Night, It Certainly Seems As If Something Ghostly Is Walking The Priory'S Halls. Then A Murder Is Committed. Does The Key To Solving The Crime Lie In The Realm Of The Supernatural? Or Is The Explanation Much More Down To Earth?