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A Town Called Malgudi
Author: R K Narayan

Publisher: Viking Penguin
ISBN: 0-14-028919-4
Pages: 664
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This collection brings between two covers some of the most memorable fiction that has emerged from R.K. Narayan's pen. It contains �The Man-eater of Malgudi', arguably the greatest novel Narayan has ever written, which tells the story of Nataraj, owner of a small printing press, and his house guest Vasu, a taxidermist, who moves into Nataraj's attic with a menagerie of dead animals. There is also �Talkative Man', a novella that starts off with the arrival on the Delhi train of a stranger in a blue suit who takes up residence in the station waiting-room and refuses to budge. Also included here are some of the most popular and striking short stories Narayan has written: from the celebrated �A Horse and Two Goats' and �Salt and Sawdust', the tale of a wife who cannot distinguish between salt and sawdust for seasoning and thus leaves her husband with no option but to cook himself, to gems like �An Astrologer's Day', �The Shelter' and �Under the Banyan Tree', which is about a man called Nambi who has the uncanny ability to mesmerize his audience with his stories, but eventually lapses into silence.