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Othello,The Moor Of Venice
Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Rupa & Co
ISBN: 81-291-0658-2
Pages: 152
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Along with Hamlet, King Lear and Macbeth, Othello is one of Shakespeare's four great tragedies. Set against the backdrop of the late the 16th century wars between Venice and Turkey, what distinguishes Othello is the role of its villain, Iago.

Iago is a character who essentially writes the play's main plot, plays a key role in it, and directs others, most notably the noble Moor, Othello. Othello succumbs to Iago's machinations when he believes in the infidelity of his young and beautiful wife, Desdemona. Indeed, not only is 'seeing' and the gap between appearance and reality a central theme of the play, it overlaps with and sheds light on other major thematic strands - trust, honour and reputation, patriarchy and the political state.