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The Dilbert Future
Author: Scott Adams

Publisher: Boxtree
ISBN: 0-7522-1161-7
Pages: 258
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In THE DILBERT FUTURE, Scott Adams dons his soothsayer's robes and turns hi piercing eye (and trenchant with more advanced technology. With his keen grasp of social dynamics he daringly predicts key developments in every part of the future scope. For instance.... in the future, life definitely won't be like Star Trek there will be huge Marge for technology products that help workers skive off and still pet paid your clothes will be a smarter than you In THE DILBERT FUTURE, it will become increasingly obvious that your competitors are as clueless as you are In THE DILBERT FUTURE, it will be easy to find customers who are gullible enough to buy any product, no matter how worthless and stupid it is In short, it's time for Nostradamus to step aside. THE DILBERT FUTURE is a mind-boggling blend of farce and fact that plays our social hot buttons like a piano, leaving the reader gasping in both wonder and hilarity.